BETA testers wanted for new Passive Income Project :)

by tjlhatton. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    3    6

Hey - Here's the scoop...

We are building a tool that allows people to access residential IPs. We sell our IPs at $1 per GB. We pay to access your IP, and pay out $0.1 per GB we access.

Just sign up here and we will guide you through how to get set up! We share our usage with you, and if we use e.g. 500gb in a month, you'd earn $50.

How we differ from other IP sharing tools
- Complete focus on traffic security
- Transparent with usage and traffic.
- We rotate all traffic, meaning happy customers and keeping your Internet provider happy!

Any questions, just ask!


HeroCC 1

Seems like a good idea (similar to packetstream?) but you'll def want to enhance your website, and maybe consider better margins. Otherwise, why should I go with you instead of any of the other bandwidth sharing services?

  tjlhatton 1

Right. Agree on all the above. This just seemed like a good starting point for the beta :)

Unic0rndream5 3

You should get a custom domain and take the time to flesh out your offer. There are a lot of unanswered questions there.

yayoletsgo 4

The idea sounds cool, but why are you taking 90% ??

If youd do 50/50 I'm sure a hell of a lot people would sign up. Having said that I'll soon move and then have real good internet and might be interested in sharing my IP (Germany).

LivesForCuddles 2

Yeah I fully agree with this. I have unlimited data and I could use many GBs but for only $0.10 per GB that doesn't sound worth it to me.

AutomaticManager888 4

Hey it looks like your site could use quite a bit of help. Namely with the lack of information, contact, faq and a google form for people to sign up?

I can build you something much more robust, trustworthy and scalable. Pm me for details.