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by joelsaucedo. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    6    5

Can anyone recommend a book on how to set up profit sharing or alternative payment arrangements for employees as a business grows?


maistrofresh 1

This is interesting. I had to do something similar post Covid madness, the trick is I can’t have people working at the office, and I can’t tell them what to do. In other words I’ve hired my ex employees back as consultants/contractors to do the work they already know how to do. But I’m interested in hearing more about profit sharing. I do this with my sales team and split company margins with them. Not necessarily giving them a stake in the company.

JadeGrapes 2

This is something a "securities attorney" would help set up.

I run an US investment crowdfunding portal, we have free open office hours on Friday mornings at 9:30 central.

We work with about a dozen different law firms, happy to learn a little more and refer you to one even if you aren't thinking about investment crowdfunding.

My Linkedin is Jade Barker, Warrior Princess of Tech. The link for our office hours is in my profile.

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Not exactly what you want, but "the great game of business" is a good read and kind of related

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I came to say that to. My owner and I implemented the GGOB process and incentives in his business and it’s worked fairly well. It’s been tough, but worthwhile

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