Bookkeeping for small business!

by funwithfriday. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    4

I have a small business that's become something that's growing and I'm horrible at math. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to find a bookkeeper? Has anyone used online services like bench? Thanks for your advice!


PutSumPantsOnThatKid 2

If you're looking for an actual person, and another small business - Shelly at Counting Shells is great!

newby007 2

Bookkeeping doesn’t need math. But if you don’t k ow what you’re doing it’s better and cheaper to hire a bookkeeper. Mistakes are more expensive to fix

brucegilson 2

We use QuickBooks Online for Bookkeeping. You should find an accountant to help you, record everything in QuickBooks and let the accountant do the heavy lifting.

not_mad_lad 1

Been looking at QuickBooks today for myself as well. They offer an initial setup for $50 as an add-on and while I could do it myself, might go this route just to save some time - unless anyone here can say it’s a waste of money. Unlike OP, I’m somewhat comfortable with bookkeeping so think this is an okay alternative to hiring an accountant (remains to be seen though)