Boring - but clients love it and I want to make this into a SaaS/consulting service

by copywriterpirate. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    4    6

I'm working on a few "fun" things at the moment in the SaaS space, but by the far my most successful recent venture was some light (\~8h) coding work I've done for a few clients - super boring, super programmatic.

Mailchimp and other ESPs truly suck as user-level data, and manipulating their downloaded data is a pain. For a few clients, I've created dynamic Google Sheets that update every day with new emails on their list (along with their company, domain, role, etc.), as well as a tab that refreshes every day with every link ever clicked and its unique/total click stats. Very dry, but they love it, they use it every day, and especially during meetings. Surprised ESPs don't let you easily see/extract these things.

For a larger consulting client, a friend manually goes through every email interaction and creates a synopsis, like "this person from this company likes to click these things, is moderately engaged, and has opened the last 5 newsletters" and so on. Again, boring to compile, and the clients find it super useful.

I'd like to turn these into automated services, or at least pseudo-automated services. Does this sound useful to you?


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Stuff like this is such a great niche to be in. You already know businesses need/want it.

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Big businesses often start with small features that people actually use.
And, if you already have real customers who are happy about using (and paying!) for something you have already developed, it's a perfect starting point. You are already ahead of 98% of people in this thread, for sure.

Just don't underprice your work because it's what all good developers tend to do, myself included :)

The best strategy to overcome this pricing issue is to hire a marketing guy who will sell your products.
He will not be that pessimistic about complexity or feature set of your products, but rather excited about customers' response which is the most important thing, after all.

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Do it. Opening up a readable view into data is very useful and will be valuable to lots of businesses. You may have competition from the big ESPs. That doesn’t mean you will be less successful. Make sure your SAAS is robust, listen to customer feedback, and help them by bringing them what they don’t even know to ask for!

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Thanks for the encouragement 🤟

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Very useful, as long as you're aware that this is a technological gap that is closing. Among other factors, make your decision depending on how long you believe in this market (ie, how long you think it will take before the clients will become "tech-savvy" enough to solve these problems on their own).

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Well the tools to do this (even the no-code alternatives) have been around for ages - either clients are not sure where to start or don't know what they want. So technically there is no gap, just lack of domain knowledge, or patience. What could future-proof pragmatic stuff like this? Integrations, new angles, etc?