Brainstorming Niches Post COVID

by rayzoray27. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    4    2

A thought came to me that since so many businesses have been impacted due to government mandated lockdown, it would have crushed some businesses to the point of closing. This can create a vacuum of opportunities. Examples could include businesses relating to travel, tourism and accomodation. I currently don’t have a specific idea in mind. But I wish to hear your thoughts on what direction some of you would take given the opportunity. Like the title suggests.. a brainstorming session on a business idea within a niche which can be achieved by the time quarantines are lifted.


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Moving and cleaning?

  rayzoray27 1

I agree.. with people spending so much time at home, they would be cleaning themselves. This would change when quarantine is lifted. Demand for cleaners will rise exponentially.