Business Focused on Ideation, Startup Strategy, Market Validation, and Research?

by Zavoyevatel. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    8    9

Hi All,

I've been tossing this idea in my head for a while now.

How many people would pay for a service that vets their business ideas and helps come up with new ideas?

I am finding that I enjoy the ideation process quite a bit and enjoy doing research online. I was wondering if people would be willing to pay for a service like this.

What would need to be added to make such a service valuable for you?



AnonJian 1

You already have good comments. How solid and actionable are the ideas you come up with?

Because there's isn't a whole lot of respect for the rogue idea guy in real business. (Those run by adults). Fair to say there are firms doing this.

>I've been tossing this idea in my head for a while now.

I have some faves which are video links into these firms -- since you've been kicking this around for a while I shan't bore you with them. It is nice to know someone such as yourself isn't afflicted with the learned helplessness so often posted for display in this sub. Kudos.

Since you are on a discussion forum, wouldn't it be nice of you to write out the aforementioned tossing. Sharing is caring. I checked -- the topic is interesting enough. Don't be shy.

Anyway the only hurdle is quite low -- differentiating yourself from the idea guy. Credibility is key, so start with something like patent filings and management experience. In other words don't be these guys. Business has a bunch of people peppering management with 'ideas,' we call them employees. You can find the idea people because their desk gets put into the boiler room.

You should call them inferior competition. Point being your ideation is just like any product -- you have to show it is a competitive threat. Or at least that you have the thing plugged in and it works.

Don’t be the ‘idea guy’ Hey, I just come up with the ideas. You have to make them work in reality. Um ... just no.

There's no room for The Idea Guy – Signal v. Noise Essentially these people want to be the boss, sit in a cushy chair, tell everybody what to do -- start at the top as they say.

no one will hire me as their visionary — Ask a Manager well that's not true -- plenty will hire people like this as unpaid interns. The time to solve the world's thorniest problems is while you're young ... and you still know everything. And their nefarious plans would work if it weren't for those meddling adults. Up until recently they used to post here on how they, alone, had fixed the US Healthcare system ... in their mind.

Nobody Likes the “Idea Guy” “Don’t worry,” he expects you to say. “I’ll do all the work. You just keep pumping out those great ideas.” But an idea, unfortunately, is worth nothing. Less, even, than the paper it’s written on (idea guys love restaurant napkins).

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There's a usually a percentage of people from the master's program I graduated from that go on to do this. They start little consultant businesses that offer this exact service and usually have pretty good success.

  Zavoyevatel 1

How do they normally start with attracting customers?

hookem728 1

We have a very vibrant startup community where I live (Austin, TX), so from what I remember they make friends and connections within that community. They go to all the incubator events, work out of co-working spaces, sometimes even get jobs within these places. That way when one of the start-ups has an additional idea they need vetted, or know someone else that is trying to spin up a company, they know that the consultant is available for referrals and help.

TheSuperRainbow 2

Well yes, I know people would be interested in this because agencies provide this service and people pay for it. The service is described as a variety of names, but for example:

So I would just look into the “competition”, see what existing services are out there and how you can do it better. Theres always an unmet need in the market and Im sure you’ll find.

babycupid 2

You can kind of already do this through GLG:

I have used this to get paid approx 150/hour or so to give feedback on ideas / feedback on existing products in the market, etc.

hornfan87 2

It is always great to get feedback, but some entrepreneurs would argue that it is preferable to use funds to do direct market testing. However, your reputation might be such that the demand is high for your indirect feedback.

gooda_ 3

I would pay for it if it gave me access to not only you, but also experts in the field of business I am interested in. For example, some financial tool apps give you access to financial advisors which is included in the monthly subscription cost. I think it would be cool if you had the same model, but instead had experts who agreed to be a part of your consulting business for a set commission or something. My response is probably off-topic, but your post got me thinking lol.


Interesting idea. It would be great to have those experts who manage those accounts. Getting them together might be a little difficult, but I'm sure if you offer commission they might be more inclined to participate.

Thanks for the tips!