Business Ideas

by RusselWestbrookOKC. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    5

I want to start a small business with a high net, and if you guys could give me some ideas that would be great.


three29 1

Propane and propane accessories.

AnonJian 1

Well let's take a different approach from the comments posted. If you want a high net profit you will have to be attuned to demand. In other words it is Supply AND Demand, not supply and what the hell just happened.

I recently posted on some other elements -- they are here.

Palendrome 6

Basketball has a high net.

GearsNimports 7

Lmao, this is not how entrepreneurship works. That’s okay though, you got your first lesson today

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Seriously though, if you can’t come up with an idea on your own, I can guarantee the business will fail. Look around for problems to solve or needs to fill and what interests you. Once you find that, you have a business idea.