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by charleshetrelezis. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    9    6

Hi all!

I am starting a new company that caters towards digital marketing and content creation in Melbourne.

I am planning to call it Pluck Media.

Do you all have any thoughts? I came up with this name on the spot and feel like it has a nice ring to it, although I'm worried that it may be hard for google searches.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.



Its nice


It’s fine

drjinx999 1

So I saw "Pluck Media" before I read the rest of the post (since it was bold and stuck out), and yeah based on the name I had no real idea what type of company this might be. That said like others have mentioned, the name won't end up mattering as much.

aMarciaTurner 1

When choosing a company name, my first consideration is, is the domain available? Go to or other domain registrar in Australia (?) and see if or is available.

Too much emphasis is placed on business name. Is the company name going to make or break the business? Many believe so. I think that's rubbish however.

Yes, there are businesses with creative, memorable naming and it helps to be memorable, but the meaning behind the name is equally important. If Pluck Media means something to you, go with it.

dereulb 2

I feel like people are gonna ask the significance of ‘pluck’. Do you have an answer to it?

bigadams 6

I’m not native to English (regarding wording) but my tip is:

  • dictionary words are easy to remember, hard to position in seo, content (ie: you need to go above wikipedia)
  • created words have inverted problem

    Choose which battle you want to fight :)