Business Owners: What Email Client Do You Use?

by frenchfry_wildcat. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    21

Hello All!

I had a quick question I thought you all would be able to help me with.

What email client are you currently using in your company? Outlook? Gmail?



Johnteki 1

Newton mail for sure

olgee0 1

Zoho mail

brdaron 1

Missive App

DadBod1 1

Google suite

c-p-ayy 1

Office 365 / Outlook / Exchange, whatever you want to call it.

JaySayMayday 1

G suite/Gmail

CapnCook67 1


FrozenOcean420 1


MisterB0wTie 1


Fatherof10 1

Free Gmail and the webmail I got through Hoover domains forwarding to it.

CheapAssistance 1


nooooyes 1

We use Outlook and I recommend Gmail

BigBalli 2

Apple Mail

shittyCEO 2

M365 and Outlook Desktop.

I have 3 businesses and I have an e-mail for each. Outlooks makes it easy to check all 3 at the same time.

Lanky_Option 2

Gsuite (gmail) which allows you to use your own domain instead of @

TaxPlot 2

You can use your own domain for free so long as you set up the preferences in both gmail and your domain provider.

bxbtech 2

Security and the way data is handled is not the same when using a GSuite and Gmail.

Lanky_Option 2

No shit? I'm going to save $6.56 a month now

mb1980 2


lacadasical 2


OCD_Triger 3

Was a long time Outlook user and have switched to Spark after moving to Mac. Nothing beats Outlook in my opinion, especially older versions, I think 2013 was the best.