Business registration

by Cool-Refrigerator606. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    1

Hi dudes I need to register a freelancer business and for that I need to give a detailed description of my job which is data Entry. Can someone please give me a template what to write.

Is it going to be like : Hello my name is and I'm 33 years old... Or something else like My business is data Entry?... Thanks


pennyx2 1

Is this for some sort of legal business registration? You may want to seek out an advisor or call the registering agency, depending on your location. It’s likely that “Data entry” is enough, or “Data entry for (the types of businesses you work for).” Add “and related businesses” or “and other industries” so you aren’t limiting yourself by being too specific.

Is this for marketing? Show how you solve a problem for your clients. “Fast, accurate data entry for (types of businesses).”