Campaign ideas - let's brainstorm together! :)

by Arnold5011. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    2

Hey guys, some creative brain teaser & braiņstorming for you today. :)

First of all, I am extremely sorry if this is an inappropriate subreddit. I am not a spammer so please just let me know if this is not a right place and I will delete the post immediately.

I currently work in an AI startup - precisely speaking data annotation start-up. Basically, we annotate (label) data that is then used by some other companies to train their algorithms (machine learning). I come to you, knowing how creative and smart the Reddit community is, to ask you for some broad ideas on what interesting campaign we could create.

So, we are currently trying to create some unpaid, original linkedin campaign. So far we have only been posting typical stuff on our Linkedin profile like some infographics, sharing articles and some industry news. This is fine but very far from original. We wanna create something novel. Something that catches your eye. Makes you stop while scrolling and think “damn that’s something brighter”. 

I have a few ideas - for example posting posts created wholly by some AI algorithm or creating some live streams but I need many more brainstorming ideas to potentially choose the best one.

Thank you so much in advance for any help!!! :)

Best, Jakub


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  1. Perhaps start a Poll: what social cause could you donate your services to?
  2. Can you use your technology to create a game?
  3. Can you use your technology to create art based on a persons name?
  4. I really don't understand in super duper simple terms what you do - so maybe that is worth exploring.
  5. Do a data challenge: challenge a company to give you their toughest problem that you can solve and you will solve it (or a portion for free)

    Just a few!
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Damn that’s a great answer, thank you! :)