Can you convert a facebook business page like you can with an instagram account?

by falsepedestrian. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    5    5

I used to manage a small business where I also took care of the social media. That place has since closed down and now I have these dead accounts with lots of followers that are in the same niche as my new website is going to be.

So I know I can change the Instagram account completely into my new business’s account. But can I do the same with a Facebook business page?


compiledexploit 1

I would be worried about the legality of this. If the owners find out they might want their account for future endeavors.

BurdenofPain 1

Yes, and you can integrate Instagram and Facebook business accounts - which I highly recommend.

Shradha_Singh 1

Was also looking for the same solution

poetmarketeer 1

Can do

Acceptable-Lychee-60 2

Not done that before however if All data regarding the page can be edited I’m assuming it shouldn’t be an issue since a business page can certainly make changes to itself and in this case you’re just making changes to everything.