Can you evaluate my business Idea related to digital presence

by spiritosito. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    6    5

So let me make this short:

I am full time employed as an Android developer but in my free time I like to learn and research Digital marketing, social media websites, etc.. I created dozens of simple websites (WordPress based, mostly without any coding just adding content, theme etc..)

As in the last few years, I got feeling that everything started working on SAAS based (software as a service where you are buying parts of the system that you want to use and it is based on subscription)

So in that in mind, I am thinking to start something like this (for start in my local area, country, etc but we will see)

Offer clients the following services :

- Website design,

- Mobile app design,

- Managing their social network profiles

- Writing content for their website

The idea behind this is that I don't want to charge any money for website design (it will be WordPress with themes, plugins etc..) but I will charge them a small monthly fee depending on the services they choose.

So if you for example want a website for your business you won't need to pay me like 100,200,300$ for website design (note I just randomly posted prices) but you will pay me a small monthly fee. I was thinking of packages from 30$ per month (for the only website) to 100$ for full service including mobile app but this is all subject to change.

The idea from my side is to utilize Page builders and premade App template to rapidly develop products and to provide support, in case the client wants social profiles to be managed I have few friends ready to jump on that.

I am just brainstorming this idea so any feedback is appreciated.


kayjdev 1

Try white labelled website builders such as Duda or cheaper options. They are designed with your idea in mind, making it easier for you to start while providing all the options you as well as your clients need already integrated. Legacy platforms like Wordpress have a lot of drawbacks that prevents them from tailoring to future clients.

Meanwhile PWAs will come in handy when it comes to mobile apps especially when your client needs both a website and an app. A native solution will be more appropriate for standalone and complex projects.

ZZaddyLongLegzz 1

Websites are pretty easily made through hosting websites such as wix, host gator and square space. Even google.
Offering social media management could be a tricky one, because of preferences in different presences.
Mobile app design is an edge you can offer, as that seems to be where most companies are lacking and the skill needed isn’t as on demand as many would hope.
All in all, I’d say as a package $30-$100 per month would be a great deal for all of those services together.
Marketing yourself may be the hardest task

ShakerOvalBox 1

Maybe start with competition analysis. Pretty sure godaddy is pretty dominant in this market - so ask yourself how you can differentiate yourself.

ZZaddyLongLegzz 2

I’d argue that godaddy is pretty behind the curve and websites like wix, square space or hostgator are far better tools. The only thing is that their services are limited to DIY tools. I’ve built quite a bit in wiz and have pretty much gone to the edge of possibility before needing an expert to step in.

ShakerOvalBox 1

Good point. It’s like I have never heard a podcast before if I forgot about square space. Do you suggest to OP that they offer a bit more hands on help than the competition to set themselves apart?