Choosing location

by R-Winters. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    1

Hi everyone. I think I may be in the right place. Basically what I'm looking for is how/ where I can research various towns, cities, counties and even the state about the pros and cons of starting my business there versus elsewhere. For example: "How does this specific city, county, etc differ in how it taxes certain businesses versus the one next door?". "Are there benefits offered to smaller businesses?".

For reference, I'd like to own a coffee roastery that sells roasted beans to local cafe's around town for several months, develop a recognized brand and branch out nationally after a predetermined amount of time.


GaryARefuge 2

This is what market research is all about.

In fact, read up on how big franchises or retail organizations determine where to open new locations.

I don't know if any such data bases easily showcase those specific data points regarding cities/counties/states/countries.

Email/call your local public libraries and ask if you can access such market research tools through them. Many have such tools.

Short of that, call your local Small Business Administration office to inquire about where you can discover such information and what organizations/department's you can reach out to across your region to gather such data.