Citizens Bank vs US Bank for small business checking? Anyone have experiences?

by dilldawg10. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    0    2

Opening up a small business checking account. Both have no monthly fee and very limited locations, if any near me (Maryland). All my business will be online so don't have too much reason for a physical location anyway. US bank requires 100$ deposit to begin, citizens bank has none. On the fence about both and wondering if anyone has suggestions!


TabascoWolverine 1

I have citizens, small biz.

Other than having to dodge the $7 fee for transfers (I write checks to myself), it's legit free.

Only complaint is the phone app (how I transfer) is often "unavailable at this time" when I log in. But this is typically temporary and seems to be volume related. They take deposits up until 10P EST as same-day.

  dilldawg10 2

Thank you for letting me know, think I am going to lock it in