Cleaning Businesses?

by SnoewZ. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    6

Hey guys. Scrolling by I see sometimes posts where people say they have a cleaning business. It seems strange and wanted to know what that's like. Maybe from individual things you can do yourself to multi-million companies.

Just to get an idea, thanks!


Djesam 1

What are you wanting to know specifically? It’s a highly requested service with a large market. The key is the recurring client income. If you’re smart you can set it up so that you just manage the staff and don’t have to “work”.

smblued 2

I worked for a cleaning sketchy dude back in early college. He basically got contracts from office managers and would hire people like me to drive to the location in the middle of the night with keys and security code to get in, a vacuum, keys to the cleaning products, and extra trash bags and I basically swept floors, wiped tables, cleaned bathrooms, etc of an office floor. It sucked but it paid for food.

gmonkey143 2

Multi-million. Some day. Your going to get a contract then your going to work. Then your going to get more contacts. Then you might need help cleaning. Then you will have references and maybe a website and cards and flyers to get your service out there. Then your going to work some more. And some more and some more.

You can do it. Print out some cards and put up an ad on craigslist.

  SnoewZ 2

Like buying an hidro jet and start cleaning people's houses/cars/stuff? I think that might work, at least getting what I paid for it

gmonkey143 2

Yeah, everything eventually needs cleaning. Lots of people need their houses cleaned. And for that you only really needs a good commercial vacuum and some cleaning products.

From my understanding pressure washers are noisy AF and getting water for them is always a hassle. Like do you bring it in a truck or ask them if you can use their water. Water is expensive when you use that much.

I used to wash windows. All I ever needed was a bucket, a squeegee, a pole, some gallon containers full of water, some rags and some dawn dish soap. All that fit in the trunk of my car. Most days I worked I could pull in about 3-4 hundred. But I had a few routes. And those were from 3am to 5pm some days to get everything done in time. Some awful work in the winter time. But the people were always friendly. Always some wanted to skip weeks to save money but that's business.

kippypapa 3

I've heard RV's need a lot of cleaning and as the Boomers age, there's gonna be more RV'in. People pay $300 or so to get their RV powerwashed. That could be a good market to get into.

I do a cleaning business, little different from doing the work as I make a product. But, stuff gets dirty in a recession or not and it needs to get cleaned. It's work, but it's work that people are happy with if you do it well.