clothes for trans peeps!

by XsynicalcyanideX. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    5

so i just had an idea and its not polished so dont expect much but i was thinking of making typical "masculine" , "feminine" , and "andro" clothes for trans and nonbinary people. i will of course do plus sizes (maybe up to 3xl for starting out but if it takes off, ill go up more).

feminine clothes wont have just flowers or pink. masc clothes will have various colours and designs, etc

i know some people have done this before though. for context im a trans male and i would love to have a transwoman and an enby to join and help me with designs and measurements and such.

community input? i dont have a name yet if this idea actually takes off, but im open to suggestions


GraffitiJones 1

Don’t trans men just wear men’s clothes and trans women wear women’s clothes? I’m curious what void your business actually fills.


thats correct! its just catered to trans pwople because we typically have different measurements and different body shapes that the average cis person


So female clothes might have wider shoulders and male clothes might be more slender? That might be cool. Have you asked other trans people if that’s something they want? Or what specifically they’d like out of a clothing line made by trans people for trans people?

  XsynicalcyanideX 1

ive asked some but not a whole variety yet. im just tired of the womens clothes being all flowery and pink and the mens clothes dull and boring

GraffitiJones 1

Ah, maybe I’m getting it now. Or maybe I’ll never understand what you’re getting at. Whatever it is, best of luck with it. And I highly recommend getting feedback on what other people want.