Coloring Books - Getting Back Into Things

by SandraJP13. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    22    17

I’ve been making coloring books for adults since 2015. After a year of not much sales I stepped away. I’ve been back for two years and a lot has changed, though one thing has stayed the same - little sales.

I want to change this. I want to make $200-$300 in profit per month.

I have a website, social media presence, products that a small group of dedicated customers love, FB groups, an Amazon presence, an Etsy shop and a 1k mailing list.

I should be able to pull off my modest goal.

How can I make this fly this time around? I should be cleaning house in sales, especially during this pandemic with a lot of folx being home and needing things to do/hobbies. But I’m not and I’m mad that I can’t seem to.

I’m looking for advice to reach my goal.


My website: Oui Color



FoxtheDawg 2

Can you share a link to your website?

  SandraJP13 1
Wchijafm 2

So I'm definitely in your demographic for audience. I agree with others you lack branding. You need a stronger theme for your website. Your latest releases should have at least 4 items on it or just do away with it. I had difficulty navigating to the shop on mobile. The product page shows me what the cover looks like only and the cover is kind of blah(either use a more vibrant image or a more complex design for the cover art). Each product should show the cover and 3-5 of the internal pages.

Again this is only what I saw on mobile but I do all of my shopping on mobile.

dqjqb 3

Have you thought of creating a subscription service for the coloring books?

  SandraJP13 2

I kinda figured that if I don’t have enough repeat customers, how will I maintain a subscription service?!

Good_Possibility 5

+1 for a subscription. You should do a poll in your FB group and see if your customers would be interested in something like that. Only need 20 customers at $10 a month to get to your goal. You could offer different types like a print subscription and a digital subscription.

I see you also offer freebies, so maybe start a bimonthly or monthly newsletter sending out a free download.

Also, I'm not super familiar with selling on Amazon but if you're able to do Prime as a selling option that may help close some sales. I know as a consumer that actually has a pretty big impact on my choices.

  SandraJP13 2

What you’ve written makes sense... I hadn’t thought of it like that.

RosieBaby75 3

Do you have a target market or are you advertising to everyone? ...or are you not advertising at all?

I feel like you're really lacking branding and targeting.

  SandraJP13 1

The bit of marketing that I’ve been able to afford has been via FB ads and it hasn’t been very successful. I’ve targeted women, 35-65, who are interested in art, drawing, color pencils and a few other categories I don’t remember off hand. and who have been consistent in digital purchasing.

For Amazon, I’ve targeted those who have purchased from coloring book artists similar to my style or adjacent along with certain keywords. That was a bit more fruitful but it started getting more expensive to target those folx. I wound up spending more than I made, which is never good.

As far as branding, what do you mean? What am I lacking? What should I be doing differently?!

RosieBaby75 3

Have you done market research for this age group and does this age group prefer to go online and get PDFs to color as opposed to using printed coloring books? In my experience, a lot (but not all) of this age group is not as internet savvy/focused as the younger generations and they're less likely to prefer online things to offline.

As for no branding, your books aren't that different than what you can print out for free on a google search and the cover images are pretty bland. Also before you said 35-65, I thought these were for children.

I did an Etsy search for top rated coloring books and the ones there are pretty specific to an interest where yours are very general which doesn't really target anyone specifically. The cover art is also quite detailed and eye catching.

If you want to make $$ selling things, you need to solve a problem someone has that they're willing to pay money to solve and you need to show them why what you're selling is better than all of their other options. It takes a lot of time and effort to make money if that is your goal.

One thing I noticed that is highly niche is your experiences with SMA. You are clearly very creative, write quite well and want to help others. Have you considered blogging about SMA, your experiences, your feelings, challenges and the things that helped you?

Maybe instead of focusing specifically on coloring books you focused on what has helped you with SMA and sell that. You could have a store with a few coloring books and also sell other things that have helped you. Write blog posts about how these coloring books will help people and that's what will make them sell. You could also write PDF books about things you think could be helpful to others. The blog drives traffic to your store with keyword searches which drives store sales but you could also make money with ads and affiliate links. Doing a Google search on SMA I found one blog about it but also that it's quite common. People love knowing they're not alone and that's where blogs come in. You could potentially do quite well with that and make significantly more than your $200/300/month goal.

  SandraJP13 1

Whew! That was very thoughtful and a lot!

I do write about SMA on my personal blog:

Sandra Jean-Pierre

Specifically I’ve written about going through the treatment for SMA, Spinraza, over this past year.

I haven’t been sure how to/if I should cross promote. I’ve been eyeing my personal blog to do more with it but not sure what to do with all the disparate things on there?

How can I make my covers/branding more grown up?

So many questions - I’m sure I’ve missed a lot.

RosieBaby75 3

Art/design unfortunately isn't my background so I cant help you too much there but from the business perspective, you want to make art that appeals to a certain group. Select a group then make your art appeal to them the focus your marketing on them :)

10CodeDev 6

Web-developer/designer here. From what I can tell, your website does not showcase the content of you books which is the most important thing. People do not buy coloring books for the cover (95% of the time). If I was you then I would redo the website to some extent to reflect the target audience.

If for example you are targeting 35-65 year old women then make it seem more adult (?) if that makes any sense. By all means showcase you books, but make the landing page unique and memorable.

PM me if you need some more help with this an i'll see how I can help!


  SandraJP13 1

I’d love to take you up on that offer. I’ll PM now! Thank you.

Grizzelex 4

I think your website needs some improvements. For one, the UX on mobile isn't so kind. The text carousel/slider is particularly hard to use and I dont like that I have to slide back or so before I could finish reading what you have to say. I think maybe if you work on the site and pitch your sales better, maybe some more demo images on the homepage? I think that would be cool.

bigfatmiss 12

Who are you selling to? I took a look at your webpage and at first glance these seem like generic colouring books for kids. They're not bad, but there doesn't seem to be a reason for me to buy your colouring books instead of going to a dollar store and buying a stack of colouring books there.

As an idea, I see that you used the word "folx" so I'm assuming you're into gender neutral and/or LGBTQ culture. That kind of thing (although maybe not that specifically) should be at the forefront of your web presence. It would tell me what your company's values are and that these are colouring books for adults. If I value what you value, I'd buy those colouring books because I'm not likely to find them at a dollar store.

Orphanedpinkpetals 2

Good advice