CommentScreen: looking for product feedback!

by qiugits. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    11    3

CommentScreen is now on Product Hunt!

Under the COVID-19 situation, many universities, schools, and companies have shifted to online classes and online meetings.

However, there are several problems in such web meetings:

  • Participants are muted, making it difficult to ask questions.
  • Speakers have difficulty catching participants’ reactions.

I and my friends created CommentScreen to fix it!

With CommentScreen, you can have an interactive presentation over any web meetings with ease.

Here are the main features:

  1. The speakers can use CommentScreen to show comments posted by the audience on their screen, over any apps such as Keynote or PowerPoint.
  2. The audience can also post emojis reactions, which will show up on the screen with cute rising animation, making the presentation vivid.
  3. The speakers can make polls to gather opinions quickly and show the result right away.

I would highly appreciate it if you would give us feedback on how you think of it.


  qiugits 1

We started the product in Japan, and there are already a lot of people using it on daily basis.

We wanted to let people around the world to know our product and be able to use it.

However, I am not sure how people around the world will like it. Do you feel like using it and why do you think so? Please let me know your opinions.

MachSassy 2

Is there a way to prevent inappropriate comments from appearing on the presenter's screen during a class?

  qiugits 1

Hi, thanks for asking!

We have word filtering so that comments with malicious words cannot be posted.