Contracts and Liability Waivers

by Nconrad13. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    2    1

I am launching a few small businesses, one of them being a mobile activity program where participants will be doing different exercises. I've found release of liability waivers online but I'm wondering just how technical I need to get with it? Obviously legal trouble is not what anyone wants but do I need to hire a lawyer to help draft a document like this?

Also, would this apply for writing labor contracts to have clients sign and agree to for once I start doing freelance developing?


nimble_fox 1

Maybe r/legaladvice but this is something that we invested in when we started. Its also important understanding what risks/exposures you are taking.

Clearly have your indemnifications spelt out. Most contracts that I've worked with are about half of page of pricing, payment terms, and scope of work, but 10 pages for things like breach and indemnification.

Your clients might require you to hold some sort of insurance, but I really don't know your industry all that well.

Best of luck