Current: Make Money By Listening To Music

by apersonintheworld012. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    71    40

I have tried a couple of "money making apps" but this one actually seems to be good for once. Whenever you see a money making app you typically get bombarded by surveys that never end, videos that don't pay, no payout at all, etc. This app (called Current) pays you to listen to music. When you sign up you get about 2,000 points after filling out some details about you. To earn more points, you can go to the music tab and see all the radio stations they have, they have many to choose from. I don't really listen to the music myself, but I do notice the songs that come on. But the good thing about listening to music and earning is the ability to set it and forget it. You do have to check in about every 30mins (sometimes more) to resume your earnings, and with me being home all the time, this was no issue to me. After every song you get more points. To increase your points per song, you can buy a 'boost" that gives you 50% more per song. The app is easy to use, and is very clean. Try it out for yourself and see what you think, this one hasn't been hard to use at all, if you would like, my referal link will be below to help me out.

Disclaimer: The link above is a referral link, also do not expect to make thousands from this, but you will make a good amount!


AuzBusinessTips 1

App is useless, referrals don’t pay

EmergencyPlastic4510 1

Well you can automate it with a simple macro, you get an ad almost every 30 mins, so easy to setup without even listening to it.

Anyway I DONT recommend this app, let me be clear :

It's been a while that I've used this app, which was my main music station.

My phone died, I changed my phone and since now it's been impossible to reconnect.

I've contacted the support multiple times, even if they are active (3 business days generally) they weren't able to fix this issue.
To be clear, I signed up with a google account, when I want to try to connect to my account it's said : "the email is associated with another account", so then I tried to get a recovery code by phone, impossible too, and when I try to login with my mail directly I'm getting the same error.

It's been 3 months now, nothing has changed.

+ you can't use Current with developper mode activated, and it's needed when like me you're developping apps (I know it's easy to turn it out but want to warn others).

Overall it's a great app, but with things like this I can't really recommend it even If I received a payout from them.

gigglehypnosis 2

thats sounds cool, i have never heard of this app but gonna try it out. Anyway, have you tried Honeygain? Im using this app for a while now and I really like it compared to survey apps and similar. This app lets you share your unused internet traffic (i use public wifi just in case) and I make around $20 per month (plus used extra $5 coupon when i signed up - redditbee).

  apersonintheworld012 1

I have heard of it, but I always kinda question what they use my internet for, I havent heard anything really bad about it. Maybe I should try it out.

LivesForCuddles 2

Any idea if I'd get banned if I shared this with my family and we all downloaded and used the app on the same iP address?

  apersonintheworld012 1

I am not 100% sure about that. I know you can't have 2 devices on the same account on one IP, but I think you could? But it depends, I have seen people do 2 accounts on the same ip, so I guess a few more wouldn't hurt? Im not sure.

LivesForCuddles 1

Ehh I guess I won't risk multiple accounts, but I'll definitely use one

Lexancf 2

How do you get the paypal / amazon gc rewards? The app only shows cheap electronics for me to redeem.

  apersonintheworld012 2

That's odd, for me on both iOS and android it shows paypal, amazon, etc on it, mabye its your location?

Logical_Meringue 2

Signed up!

Got only \~400 points for the details though

  apersonintheworld012 2

Oh really? I got more. But im not sure. Happy earning though!

The_Nairobian 4

May I ask, what is the average earning monthly?

  apersonintheworld012 2

it depends on the person but easily over 25$. Their official website says 600$ a year, also.

The_Nairobian 1

Thanks for the info, I'll use the link

  apersonintheworld012 2

You are welcome. Sorry for replying twice, I thought one didn't post so I did it twice.

Jsmoove1992 4

Hey, the app said I have to share it with 3 people and have them sign up to earn points.

  apersonintheworld012 3

You must be on iOS. There is no way to really get around this, unless you have an android device, if you have an android you can earn without sharing.

  apersonintheworld012 4

It depends on the person, but I would say easily over $25. Their website says 600$ A year based on I believe 20? hours a week (but don't quote me on that!)

blue_sunshine57 3

I don’t understand what they’re paying you for... your music preferences?

  apersonintheworld012 3

You see ads on the app and I think radio stations pay for people to listen to their station? Im not sure myself.

Tif-n 4

What do you mean you have to ‘check in’ ? Does it send you a notification or something ?

  apersonintheworld012 6

Hi, every 30mins or so you will have to open the app and watch an ad to resume earning, It does send a notification for me to tell me earnings have stopped.

Tif-n 1

Alright thanks

treenaminxy 11

After installing the app crashed so I never got the screens to fill out any details. Where do you go to see how many credits/points you have?

  apersonintheworld012 5

Hi, It should be under the earn tab.

treenaminxy 3

I don’t have one of those. I’m just deleting it if I can’t figure it out by tomorrow

  apersonintheworld012 2

Ok, hope you can figure it out.

SimpleOriginalDude 4

I used your link. Entered my phone number. I don’t see an “earn tab” or really anything. Settings at top right, music/library/history on the bottom. No other options I can see. Tried googling with no luck. Am I missing something?

  apersonintheworld012 2

What device are you using? (Android or iOS)

SimpleOriginalDude 2


  apersonintheworld012 1

The iOS app is a little funky, I installed it on my iOS device and it shows that I have to invite 3 people in order to earn. I had no idea that the iOS app did this. The Google Play version lets you earn as soon as you sign up. The only way to earn on iOS is to share it with 3 people and get them to sign up, if you have an android device, you can get past this as it lets you start earning as soon as you sign up, im not sure why it does that with the iOS version.

SimpleOriginalDude 1

Hmm weird. I appreciate that. I do see now where it says invite 3 people.

  apersonintheworld012 1

Yeah, it stinks and its weird. I'm sorry you are having difficulties!

blackcat562 2

Lol. So pyramid scheme....

Molni 9

The website looks very cheap and not really trustworthy. Have you been paid out already? What can the points be spent on?

  apersonintheworld012 4

Hi, I have cashed out with a gift card and have gotten it and it has worked. There is also proof on YouTube of others getting payment from here. You can cashout with An amazon gift card (starting at $1), PayPal (starting at $6) , and other gift cards like app store, google play, walmart, and more.

Dazzyg 17

Very slow earner but not bad if you use it to legitimately listen to music. I got paid out the $6 gift card. So it’s legit.

travk534 2

Get onto r/thesidehustle for guidance

  apersonintheworld012 5

Yeah It is slow, but it has a better reputation then some other apps, and they pay out reasonably fast. I would rather have a "slow" earning app then something that took a month to receive my reward.