Developing a productivity tool for Remote work and online meetings

by dasatmadeep. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    2

Hey guys,

I am the co-founder of ReChord. We started this journey 4 months back with our own problems. We were frustrated with taking notes and wasting time. So thought of a solution that can automate the notes for online meetings.

After 4 months of day and night work we have our first Beta version and would love to get your feedback.

This is what ReChord can do for you-

  1. Join online meetings like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams and ReChord the entire call.
  2. Give you the transcript along with speaker information.
  3. Action items + decision points.
  4. Highlights, Questions and Metrics.
  5. Abstractive summary + minutes of meetings.
  6. Google Calendar Sync

We are onboarding private Beta users and will give FREE hours for users to test our product and in return we are just looking for feedback.

Here is the link to book a 30 mins call with us, where we will show you the tool and also setup the account for you.

If you want to check out the Beta application here is the link -


Nicolasforero 1

Interesting. How does this differ from a tool like Otter?

  dasatmadeep 1

The major difference is -

  1. Abstractive summary
  2. Action Items + Decision Points
  3. Topics tracker