Developing SaaS applications?

by Frydog42. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    2    5

Has anyone here had experience successfully developing SaaS applications in AWS or Azure? Anywhere else? I am curious about the scale of effort, the type of applications, or the functions they intend to serve. I have just barely begun thinking through this path and wonder what experience others have had.

Thanks for your feedback!


kippypapa 2

A little. The documentation on AWS is better. If you can write a lambda function, you should be able to have a basic web app and API built in a couple of days. The rest of the app is going to be harder. I know how to program in several languages so YMMV.

damonous 2

Read The Lean Startup by Eric Reis first.

Talk to potential clients about their pain points around your idea. Then look at building out your MVP on a no code platform like to validate it and work towards product/market fit.

DM me if you have any direct questions and I can help get you going in the right direction.

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That is fantastic advice, thank you. I will check that book out. I appreciate you

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Can you be more specific? Yes thousands of companies use AWS and Azure for hosting. If you pay them, you can “successfully” host your website.

If you are talking about building a business, it doesn’t matter which hosting company you pick as long as you buy the right package, you website will be available online.

If you have questions of how easy it is to set up a site on these platforms (in terms of vertical and horizontal scaling, domain routing, etc) it goes from moderately difficult (AWS does not have a click and drag website like Wix or GoDaddy) to extreme/enterprise level difficulty.