Digital HR department needed.

by checkstuffout2020. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    7    14

Reddit community, can anyone recommend a company that can handle HR digitally for a company of 5 people?




I work for ADP in our small business division. We can set up a time where we can do a demo of the platform, find out what your exact business needs are and go from there!

jeffathuemor 2

We use Justworks. Started with 8 people and have scaled up to 19 with no problems.

newbie7911 2

LOVE gusto! They're easy to navigate and can handle your payroll, HR, and onboarding/off-boarding of employees. Their customer service is also excellent. If you decide to go with Gusto, here's a referral link that will her is both $100 (

kaloude 2

I do just this for small businesses. I have had several businesses convert to me from Bambee due to their lack of customer service. BuildHR

rh194jl 2

We’re on the Gusto HR platform and it’s more than capable for a 5 person company.

hotbucketSkidoo 2


KFCJoshua 2

For my company we use

irlcake 2

I've been looking hard at bambee

throwaway06151719956 3

Have you considered hiring a virtual assistant for the job? Or do you need someone that can be there in person?

Sascot 6

Gusto does my payroll and I believe they have an HR division too

  checkstuffout2020 1

Thanks, have you been happy with their payroll services?

nooooyes 2

Their payroll + onboarding + pto management is great. We migrated benefits management to them, also great. Migrating 401k next January, fingers crossed :)

O-Fury 2

Can confirm. I’ve been on the employee end of Gusto and don’t have any complaints.

Sascot 2

Yes, no issues with them and their system is easy to use. I have no complaints