Discipline Will Get You Results

by Edulad. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    3    6

This is the truth, Motivation will get your foot in in the house, but to remain in that house You need Discipline.

Remove Personal Bureaucracy From your Life ( i.e People who waste your time and drain your energy,It could also Be Family).

Focus Focus Focus, You Need to focus On the good things and remove Unnecessary Distraction.

And Finally Budget ( Actually This Should Be Your First Thing).


Discipline Is the True FREEDOM. Not Quitting your 9-5 job, Its Discipline



Let me get this straight. If you believe you don't need money to start a business ... are completely undisciplined to that point you actually believe you 'just do random shit' ... and never had a focussed day in your life, then you're completely fucked.

Well. That explains most of the posts here. Thanks.


Of Course You Do need money, But there many people thinking that they want to get crazy rich in three months.. which is a fantasy

AnonJian 2

And they all treat discipline like poison. Unless, you know, there's a prostitute involved and a payment made.

Wait a damn second. ... I just figured out how to make people follow the instructions in Lean Startup for developing an MVP.

  Edulad 3

all these retarded gurus on YouTube, praising motivation and working like a robot 24/7 but only few talk about Discipline.

AnonJian 2

They understand one thing. There is no demand for discipline.

bbqyak 1

The amount of things that most people leave on the table due to lack of focus is incredible. Aimlessly watching YouTube videos or browsing Instagram for hours a day. Imagine that time spent on a focused task. Every. Single. Day. So much more can be accomplished.

Like I'm literally saying this as I'm browsing Reddit.