Discover, connect, and explore the lifestyle of your twins from another mother.

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Twins fascinate me! I was not lucky enough to have a biological twin. But that didn’t stop me to wonder about people who were born on the same date and hours as I was. Then I realized it can’t be just me. There are millions of people like me who are curious about their twins from different mothers. It encouraged me to build a platform where people can discover and socially connect with their twins. I am not alone in this journey. I have an amazing team working creatively to make this dream of connecting people with their twins a reality. Together we have built an informative website, where you can subscribe to find out how many of your twins, we call them doppelmates, have already signed up to our news and updates. You can also provide your valuable feedback from the contact us section of the website. This information provides us great insight into our prospective users and helps us make changes to our upcoming app. If this is something you are not interested, please share it with your friends. Maybe your friends are interested in or maybe your friend's friends. Either way, you would be a part of the DoppelMate, and we heartily appreciate that.Doppelmate|Find My Twin


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This is Facebook!

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Yes, but in our app all your friends were born on the same date as you were.

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How will you make money with this app?


We have few business model to generate income including the advertisement marketing like very other social media does.