[DISCUSSION] Virtual Accountability Partner

by HarlemWriter. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    3

With Mars in Retrograde for the next two months, how are you all handling your daily life as an entrepreneur or small business owner?

I found an Accountability Partner in 2019, and we're thinking about interviewing and adding at least two more virtual partners for a weekly phone or Zoom check-in who’ll serve as a mirror and sounding board for all of us.

Do you want an additional pair of eyes and ears in your professional life offering feedback and guidance for weekly and monthly goals? Will you schedule a time to call, text, or Zoom weekly to check-in with the others?

Are you able to offer constructive feedback? Do you know how to be in service to others?

Do you have the energy, personality, and stamina to support and encourage someone else if/when you temporarily stumble?

An AP isn’t the same as a mentor as is sometimes mistaken. An AP needs you as much as you need them.

Accountability Partners are voluntary and mutually-rewarding, so don’t be tricked into paying someone as an AP. The person has to be committed to the process for the agreed-upon time, three months is a reasonable period to see results if you’re both serious and doing the work.

If you're looking for and ready for someone to help keep you honest about what you say you want and need in your life, feel free to SEND A REDDIT EMAIL or even a PM and we'll take it from there.

It's easier to respond to emails and private messages.

And please, no self-promotions.


justsomeacountt 1

I absolutely love this idea and I would love to be apart of something like this.

quingroup 1

Hey this sounds great! I have some folks interested in weekly small-group meetups. Maybe we can collaborate and creat APs from that? quin.group/startup

AsuDevil28 1

Love the idea and have been looking for just this but hadn’t been able to find a reliable partner. I’m sending you a message now. Thanks for the post!