Disruptive Business ideas

by theCEOoflife. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    4

Hi fellow entrepreneurs,

Me and my teams are trying to explore new disruptive business ideas. Not sustaining innovation, but Ideas for creating a new market.
Does someone has any tips in which directions I can look for? Do you have any ideas that would be great for us to explore and possible with small capital?
We would love your help!


Irmantas7 1

What kind of experience do you have? What about marketing knowledge?


I have a startup myself. In sustainable activewear. I am studying Business administration as well and I have some experience in the field. The rest of my team consists of people with business and marketing (communication backgrounds). We are a group of minor students looking for good problems to solve!

jjrgross 1

Hey one of my main ideas I’ll be going through with is entering a virtually empty market. It’s in the food and health industry. If you’d be interested in taking me on to join your team message me!

Student8528 8

Paperclips - they’ve had a good run