Distributed Services Company...is staying local a Niche?

by army0341. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    3    6

If someone was running a services company (B2C) and was interested in running marketing campaigns for it... Where there wasn't a niche per se but there was a need for these services writ large....


Does it make sense for this online business (which has a distributed team).... To begin the marketing campaign localized in one metropolitan area, city, county, etc.? Kind of own/dominate that area and then move on to adjacent areas? Or does it make more sense to cast a wider net and see what you can get based on other targeting criteria?


For example, if I ran a tax prep company or similar type of service with no physical location...should I still start targeting local with things such as google ads, etc. or cast a wider net to anyone in the country and try to get as many clients as possible that way?


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I feel that my decision to start local was the most painful mistake of the past. I started at the country-level market and became a leader here for a while, while my competitor started a little later but focused on a bigger international market from the very beginning. Now he celebrates his $100M ARR and I'm starting globally from scratch :)

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Whoa...thanks for the response. I already have established competitors in the market nationally. I guess I was thinking hyperlocal as my ad spend might have more of an impact versus the larger area. Was also hoping to market ourselves as the hometown service as it were.

I am leaning National. We need 30-50 clients a month to be viable. Easier, perhaps, to do that out of a population of 300 million.

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Just don't be in a hurry: it may be the most important decision you make in your life besides choosing your life partner :)

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Ha! No pressure

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Hypertargeting people that are more likely to be your customers across a wider area is probably better in your case. It depends on how well you can target. For example if using Google ads you could target exactly people who are searching for "hire a tax preparer for my business" instead of "how do I file business taxes".

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Appreciate the response.....was thinking this too. Am slightly concerned about wasting as spend towards a huge audience.