Do i build a 'normal' website or a blog?

by iotabadger. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    5    5

I would like create a site which provides instructions on how to use certain services, how to setup certain services / automation, reviews or different services etc within a certain industry that I have experience in. I would look to build traffic to the website/blog which will have affiliate links to trial versions or purchase of the services that I am reviewing etc.

Would it be best to have this as a blog or a 'normal' website?

I've never created a blog before so not sure what would be the best option.


TriSamples 1

I’d use a blog structure. Wordpress has posts and pages. The advantage of posts is that they can be tagged and sorted, pinned etc into a page. So your evergreen content can stay up top. Many websites have one page that makes 50% of the profits so this is essential. Making a dumb pages website could restrict how you curate your landing pages. You don’t want to have to update multiple pages every time you post new content. These post pages can also be categorised so that you might have certain recommendations on certain pages. If your article is about cloud storage you want to show the category of all other storage options dynamically. You want to build it out so as the site gets bigger and bigger with more content you do less work not more to maintain each area. A blog doesn’t have to be a blog as such. It’s just a framework to organise and display content.

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I hired a freelancer and he did the job :D

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Blog. Get on siteground and build a wordpress site

calemedia 1

If it’s a review site a blog makes sense to use

  iotabadger 1

Reviews will be a part of it. I will also explain how to use the spe ific services, how to automate processes and integrate with other related services etc.

Still a blog do you think?