Do I Need a Co-founder?

by RockSoggy. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    12

Hi Everyone. During covid I took the time to learn to code a mobile app and now I'm almost ready to launch an MVP. I've been reading that investors always prefer startups with at least two founders however, right now, its just me. Beyond investors, I also think having a technical co-founder will be helpful since I am still an amateur. Pre-covid I followed the strategy route (business school -> MBA -> mgmt consulting) and so I guess I would be classified as a non-technical founder who learned code after school.

So now the question is, do I actually need a co-founder and, if so, is Reddit the best place to start the search?



lee_mahayati 1

I think it depends and you know if you really needed or not along the way. At first, i tried creating side project because i was bored of my job. I have some free time because the job its usual and i forgot to keep learning. Then, I think i found better way to make a living though my foundation for the first and foremost job was not enough.

My side project fall apart, I spoke to the founder where i was his first internationally employee. He said, if you only good in some stuff, you definitely need cofounder. And i ask him, where i could find it, wherever you are surrounding.

One year later, my sister spoke, she got a mentor/business partner. And i ask her too, how you find him? He found me through toastmaster. Wow, can you imagine! I was thinking when i get it.

Long story short, two years later, I found her. I thought she hire me as her first researcher employee. Though, she treat me as a partner. When I ask her, i think you knew already from my decision and how I ask your accountability in any problem.

Eventually, you don't know you need until its the time. Also in a place you did not guess before.

TheLastSamuraiOf2019 1

Have you built a workable MVP or is it a work in progress? What did you code in and where are you hosting the app?

  RockSoggy 1

I wrote it in Dart (Flutter) and am using Firebase. I should be able to finalize the MVP myself and won't take too much longer.

TheLastSamuraiOf2019 2

Thats commendable. Its not an easy task so Kudos to you. My opinion on a cofounder is that it always helps to have someone to bounce ideas/thoughts off. Also your cofounder can be a devils advocate. Your decisions will be emotionally biased towards your idea. A cofounder will be rational and more market driven. You dont necessarily need a cofounder who is an equal stake holder. It could be a minority stake cofounder. PM me if you want to discuss. I can help with consulting.

MaxPast 2

Being a software developer myself and struggling a lot before finding marketing partners I must say that not only you need a technical cofounder but this guy needs you even more.

There are really a lot of software developers who struggle to find a good product idea because they are too focused on technology, not on customers. And, even after they find one, they will procrastinate each and every time it comes to marketing and sales.

You just need to find a way to look for them, and one of the best ways is networking: start with helping some technical community with advice or your professional services - that's how non-technical friends of mine finally found their way to IT. Not always as cofounders, but they got good positions in big companies because of that, all through networking.

As for investors' requirements about a cofounder, YC clearly states that they prefer having at least a single technical cofounder in the team so that if something bad happens he can still build the product or, at least, manage its development process.

I'm not sure that Reddit is "the best" place but it's still a good place to start. But I would personally prefer looking for more niche communities.

prolemango 2

There is no single answer that doesn’t depend on your business, the product, your skills, the market, your location, go to market strategy, exit strategy, available capital, etc. etc. etc.

  RockSoggy 1

I know its a hard question to answer. If I did want to find a co-founder when the time is right, is this the best subreddit?

prolemango 2

I think you'll have better luck in /r/cofounder

Jonsexybeast 2

You need a technical cofounder.
But you need an MVP out first to demonstrate there is a need in the market.

  RockSoggy 1

Thanks. I just know that if the MVP does get traction there will be features to implement that are above my skill level.

Shiftygo50 3

Yes, you need a co founder and I'm your man. You do all the work and I will tell everyone that I am your co-founder. When we go public next month I will retire with my millions in options. You cool with that?

Seriously though, you don't need a co-founder. If your product or service is what you say it is, you can do this on your own. Just know, it will probably take 10 + years before your company takes off and you're making bank. This isn't bullshit I'm telling you....I speak from the experience of others.

  RockSoggy 2

Thanks. I'm willing to put in the time and effort.