Do you have any good CRM/monthly billing solution for me?

by AsteroidSnowsuit. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    3


I am 17 and I have a small web dev business. I used to manage my expenses/revenues using a little website I paid someone to do for me (very basic, input amount of money, date and related papers (receipts, etc)). However, it's becoming pretty hard to manage. I have a ton of folders where I need to like organize the receipts and things like that. I want to expand and have several monthly clients, so I don't want to send manually 10 bills + 10 receipts * 12 months.

Things were going great since it was like one-time payments. However, I want to start putting some monthly fees and I need something more robust to automate the process, while still keeping it simple. I don't want anything complicated with like bank accounts management, here is what I am looking for, exactly:

  • I can create clients
  • I can make a transaction for a client. It sends him a bill (you have to pay x$ because I did xyz) and when he has paid, I send him a receipt.
  • I can accept payments automatically or I can accept them manually (if they pay me cash/check/Interac transfer/etc)
  • I can make these transactions recurrent (every 26th of the month, etc)
  • I can have one-time revenues/expenses and I can attach a file to that

I am looking for something robust, safe and that won't close in a month. So yeah, something well established with a reasonable price (like, less than 10$/month would be perfect)

Does anybody have any recommendation for that?


veroxii 1

You're just talking about a basic accounting package. QuickBooks or Xero or whatever. They can all do recurring invoices. They store your clients. You can attach and store your receipts on expenses.

And you really need an accounting package if you're running a business in any case.

arsachdeva 1

I recently bought suitedash. It has many features you are mentioning. You can give it a try. I also heard another one known as zuite. Check that too.

ocngwu 1

Our CRM (Tapdesk) is adding an invoicing feature that will be able to accomplish all of this. It will enter beta phase next month. Would you be open to joining our beta program? In exchange for helping us make it better, you get to use the software for free.