Do you have any ideas?

by thealphaomar. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    8

Hey, hope all is well! So I am a 16 year old high school senior who has thought of a challenge for himself. I have approximately 10 months - 1 year to make $25k to pay for my college tuition. Although my parents have the means to pay for my tuition ($50k/yr) I feel like it’s be a good learning experience to try and pay for at least half by myself. I have currently ~$5k I will be able to use and try to scale. Do you guys have any suggestions on ventures I can look into that’ll help me reach my goal?


hopefulsoul 1

Look into day trading stocks.

EQT00 1

I suggest flipping stuff on eBay

shad2233 1

Get a part time job ask for more work

  thealphaomar 2

That’s also something I’ve gotten into, today’s my first day and I am earning minimum wage ($15/hr) and I’m taking as many hours as I legally can. Because I am 16, I can’t work more than 28 hours a week. I want to find something which I can use that paycheck I get from working to fund another endeavor of mine

emmiefroshe 2

Do you have any tech skills? You can invest a bit into outreach and begin to sell those skills. You can do this during your free time

  thealphaomar 1

Yes! I model for some clothing brands, as well as creating websites for them since many of them aren’t very skilled in website design!

ikechukwuapeh 2

This sounds interesting to see a 16 year old think this way. I would suggest you find a way to sell off your old books and toys. You'll earn some more money and then start any business others might suggest.

I earned some back then with this

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Thanks so much!!