Does anyone else's business appear on Dun & Bradstreet?

by HelpingTom. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    2    17

I was googling my company name and found a Dun & Bradstreet page listing a bunch of details about my business and my personal name. They falsely listed the company revenue as $14 million annually when it's under $1 million. They listed my manager as a "vice president" of the company. I tried emailing them to remove the page but haven't received any replies.

What is this site and why do they have my company's (false) info?



They were once relevant but are total nonsense today. I was actually surprised that we had a DB file and even more surprised that DB was still around. They desperately try to sell me some expensive plan but I refuse to get involved with them.


Same experience.
They called me and made it seem like I was in the wrong for not being listed with them.
Don't give them any money.


I've always refused them any details. I had it out with one of their sales people after I explained I was not paying them a fee to report my financial information to anyone who asks for it. Told them I'd sell THEM the information if it's that critical. The guy said "no problem, if you won't provide us the info then we have no choice but to make it up". And they did, and that was probably 10-12 years ago. They send me emails that "somebody has inquired about your business" but that's a scam too. Nobody we do business with us despite D&B giving us a crappy fake score.


I think they are a BBB level scam. Technically legit but pushy and not exactly needed

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No. They collect legitimate credit references from major corporations that people use to make credit decisions in their own business. I use them often and it's an invaluable tool.


My business is on there too, listed with $5 million in revenue (I wish). I don't know how it got there but a few years ago I needed a new supplier to basically trust me with a $50,000 PO as a first-time customer. They instantly granted me the credit, everything worked out, and I have my nonsense D&B listing to thank for that.


Unless you need one for your business, these people are absolute trash IMO. They are technically an honest company in a lot of the same ways that Yelp is an honest company.

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I'm sorry but I can't let this go without comment. They have a genuinely useful credit reporting side that is necessary for business credit decisions. They may have Yelp like behaviors on their business information side, but let's not trash the entire company

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In my experience they only have genuinely useful credit reporting if you pay them a bunch of money to make sure that the information is accurate.

When I worked for a larger business, everyone would try and get out DUNS at first and despite the company bringing in huge profits our DNB was terrible because no one at DNB cares unless you are actively paying them. So we would get denied credit and then we would just show our vendors limited financials, have no problems, and move on with our lives. Our DUNS was just something we handed over so our clients could check a box that they got it.

Now your or others experience may be different, but that is how I was brought into DUNS and that's how it was explained to me when I started so I guess its been that way a long time.

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I pull DnB reports all the time and they have favorable records for companies that do not pay anything to them. I would argue that just because your company was larger doesn't mean they had a good payment record. I have many clients that are worth billions and their payments trends are abysmal.

My report for my company is pretty accurate and I don't pay them a dime on the business information side. I do buy credit reports from them and I've found them very accurate over the years.

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Again - I'm glad that was/is your experience and if you find it useful I would continue to use it, but all I know is that I could "fix" my account for $$$.

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Just to be clear, you could fix your company data, not your credit report. Those are related, but very different things. One provides background, the other is verified payment experiences.


They constantly call me and send me mail and try to trick me into giving them info on my business. Seems like a scam. They once called and acted like I was doing something bad because they didn't have all my business information on file. They didn't say I was breaking the law but they acted like it was serious. They continuously send me me mail I never asked for.

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Jesus you people are so paranoid. They're not trying to trick you, they want your data because it helps them sell credit reporting to their business clients.

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DnB is a legitimate credit reporting agency with high pressure sales tactics. They provide a legitimate service for many medium to large sized companies that need accurate and unbiased credit information on a potential debtor. Credit references are fine, but potential debtors will always cherry pick the best paid vendors for you to review. DnB does not have any such bias and will report any and all credit experiences available to them.

DnBs sales tactics may be a bit scummy, but they serve a legit purpose.

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D&B is effectively a credit agency for business entities. If you want to list something on apple or android stores, you need a duns number. It is a legit agency, but you’re right. They’re terrible. Unless you pay them, you will never have correct info there. It’s less and less relevant each year.

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The info the include is based on credit reporting and other intelligence gathering from your creditors. If you want it to be accurate they will take your information and not require a subscription. They have called me numerous times to get those stats and I decline.