Does controversy sell?

by Anon_blk_chick. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    5    2

Hi I’m a 20 year old business owner and as of now I only sell cosmetics (lipgloss, lip oils and crap like that) BUT I’m wanting to expand products like clothes, hair accessories/products bags, cosmetics and much more. I’m wanting to rename my hustle “black girl market” the only thing is my products will obviously not be limited to black people. My name now is “gloss’t up cosmetics” and the dilemma is I’m wanting to sell more than cosmetics. Someone please help me???


emmiefroshe 1

Your business name should be a reflection of What your business does. Black girl market dies not bring any ideas to mind. You are about expanding into general fashion merchandise and something along those lines will be good.

Quick question: Are you selling to black people only?

Prepsov 3

You have to ask yourself how would you perceive a business called "White Guy Market" and the answer is going to be simple. I know it might have nothing to do with recent racial pushovers happening globally, but it probably will be perceived as such.

I understand the sentiment, and for what it's worth- I would love these to be the times when it doesn't matter, but as for now, I wouldn't call my business "White Guy Market".

Might be worth your time to look for alternatives, I am afraid. Good luck :)