Does ethical passive income exist?

by bbaroness. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    7

So I am a pretty financially illiterate millenial artist. (Don't worry I am prepared for the trolls). I am hoping to try and invest some 2k of savings set up by my parents that is coming to me. All of the passive income setups i have seen targeted at me are like amazon design type schemes that relies on unethical consumerism and is not environmentally sustainable.

Is there ANY way to make passive income that is not unethical or ruining the environment?



define "ethical"


Ohh boy Unethical consumerism? Are you trying to making money or fix the world?

$2K isn’t going to make you much “passive income” anyway.

My advice, donate it to charity. They will put it to good use!

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Oof the capitalism-caused greed in these comment replies is really showing.

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Write a book or produce something that people will pay for over and over again. Also, if people aren't consumers then no one makes any money.

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We can't answer that as we are not privy to your personal ethics. Only you can make the assessment of what you consider ethical or not. It is pointless for any of us to even try.