Does my business idea sound viable ?

by LeanInitiative. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1

Hey everyone.

So I've been doing freelancing jobs for the past 4 months and have been relatively successful so far so I know there is a market need. I offer Excel services through my Fiverr account and have brought in around $5,500 so far, but I'm looking to scale.

One thought train was to focus on driving traffic through an external website, social media, ad campaigns, etc to my Fiverr page, but I am questioning whether or not this is the most productive path.

I started to ask myself.... Should I try a different strategy altogether? How can I reduce the effort the buyer has to make to find my services? How can I solve their problem quicker? Is there an accelerated way the buyer can convey their spreadsheet problems and have them repaired ASAP?

Through some more brainstorming, I came up with a potentially viable business idea where my primary bread and butter would be to screenshare with the spreadsheet owner and repair the formulae, VBA, and other problem(s) real-time. Also offered within the website would be the conventional file-sharing methodologies.

Would this be a viable business venture or should I focus my efforts onto optimizing my Fiverr offerings?

Any help is greatly appreciated!