Domain for small, private blog type of website for indiehacker

by iamzamek. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    3

Hi, I have always had problem with domains and naming. I want to create website where I will describe my startups etc. and also give contact for consultations so maybe I will earn some bonus from this.

So I think about using name, surname or both as I believe personal branding is important. is taken is free is free

What would you take and why?


MaxPast 1

Always go for .com domain because it will be really costly in the future to get the .com one :)

I've got some .org/.net/.somecrap domains in the past and it was a real pain to get .com when the business took off. Not just in terms of money but all these communications with the seller who always tries to rip you off...

Treat even your personal domain as the name of the future business:

PS: While my blog is at .org domain, I actually own .com and .net one :)

The most recent moving from .org to .com took me about 2 years of waiting, then 2 months of negotiations, which finally cost me $1,200 instead of $6,000 as it was initially on the market. I don't recommend this experience to anyone.

  iamzamek 1

Do you have your first or last name in domain or it is your own name from idea?

MaxPast 1

I'he got "my last name dot com" but I acquired it back into 2001.

On the other hand, I registered "first name last name dot com" several years ago for my local blog and had no problems with that. I also know a lot of people with such domains and I heard no regrets from them. The only regrets were from those who got something like .me, .name, .info or something like that - it just looks cheap.