Don't be too hard on yourself

by MaximilianBlomqvist. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    2    2


I want to post this since it is a topic not only important in dating but also very important for us business owners since many things mentioned apply to our work life.

You need to stop being so extremely tough on yourself.

I see it with a lot of people I have talked to. I see it with my past self. I understand. Your success in your career/business was achieved not because you were okay with mediocrity but because you kept yourself accountable and had high standards for yourself.

Here you are, not living up to your full potential in your dating life. You see all these people around you have relationships. You wonder why this is not the case for you. Of course it is easy to then become very hard on yourself.

What you must realize is that you are trying to improve a part of life that most people never end up really improving. Many go through life never feeling truly happy and fulfilled with their dating life and relationship. This is not what you want…

You want to meet your true ideal partner to have an amazing, happy and fulfilling relationship while at the same time not neglecting your goals in your business.

Definitely keep yourself accountable but instead of dragging yourself down, empower yourself by doing the following:

✅ - Give yourself credit for aiming for the best even in your dating life and future relationship.

✅ - Really give yourself a pat on the back for trying to improve something almost no one does despite having limited time and energy because of your business.

✅ - You will have amazing and positive experiences throughout your dating life. Remember them during tough times.

✅ - When you encounter setbacks and rejections learn from them. Do NOT dwell on them.

✅ - Make sure your inner voice is your own biggest supporter. This is key!

✅ - Even though you are not there yet, remember that every step in the right direction counts. It is important to realize your progress so far.

Like I said, a lot of the things mentioned are important for your business journey as well. Don't be too hard on yourself. Instead give yourself credit for actually going for what you want even though it might not always be easy.


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One is curious about the catalyst for such a post. Why did you determine that this was the right post for now.

In fact dating is more complicated than ever, because meeting up with persons carries a unique risk for the time being.

  MaximilianBlomqvist 1

Hi! I see your point. However the current situation doesn't change the importance of this post or this way of thinking. It might be even more important to not be too hard on yourself since you can't meet people right now just like you said. It can also be extra important to mention since a lot of people are going through tough times with their business as well.