Dropshipping / Shopify / Selling Via Amazon

by __drum. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    6    8

A friend and I want to start our own business eventually, we had looked into drop-shipping etc online and it seems like a good beginner way of earning some extra income as well as a good learning curve ..

The issue I have is that all over Youtube there are videos talking about how successful people have been in doing this and it makes me wonder if it is all too good to be true?

My question is, does this strategy work or is this all a big scam? - if there are possibilities of this working, does anyone know of a legitimate YouTube channel that we can use to learn more about the best way to do this?

Thank you.


snap32244 2

Is it me or do these Youtubers mislead people when they show us how much they have made??

anythingfromtheshop 1

They absolutely do. I don’t believe any of them with their success and numbers, all they’re doing is selling ebooks with already known info you can google yourself, they’re just playing the game everyone else is on YouTube. You especially can’t believe the ones that say they own luxury cars and a mansion from it, they do that so they can make you believe you can have that success as long as you buy their ebook.

snap32244 1

yeah, I know about the mansion and the cars some of them fake it. But the money they are saying that they are making is making people focus on the wrong thing, probably that's why a lot of people want to succeed online but they can't, because of the fake youtubers.

Cryb3by 3

Hard as fuck. But starting a business is never easy

bxdr 3

Income made selling/advertising how to dropship is more reliable than the business itself for some. 😏

MarqNiffler 5

It can definitely work, but those videos are misrepresenting how easy or profitable it can be.

calemedia 5

It can work if you’re extremely good at marketing

JourneyToPeace 9

It's simply a fulfillment method. Instead of ordering products in bulk then sending them to the customer, they're sent to the customer straight from the supplier. The success of a dropshipping business doesn't depend on the fact that it's a dropshipping business. You will need to put in a lot of work to make it profitable. Marketing, CPC, SEO, Web Design, Writing - your proficiency with these skills will determine how successful you are.