DTC Dandruff Shampoo

by singhthepro. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    6

Hi everyone, hope y’all are doing well.

I am thinking about launching strictly a natural anti dandruff DTC brand online. This would be an amazing product that actually works. Customer experience would be huge and I have a lot of ideas on how to make it great. There would be a single purchase option and a subscribe and save option for the products. I feel like this space has room for disruption with proper marketing. I also have a bunch of different up sell ideas to increase customer value. I was only able to find one DTC brand online doing this which only launched 3 months ago. What do y’all think?

Who do you think would be a good target audience? I was thinking 18-35 year olds male and female. Any interesting marketing strategy thoughts? I have some cool ideas for affiliate marketing once I get the basics done.

Any feedback and advice is appreciated? Thanks.


kippypapa 2

I think I know the type of product you are selling. They sell it in Europe vs. the ones that use chemicals. I think it can work, won't be huge, but it can work quite well.

You're gonna have to find a good manufacturer and they are notorious for being opaque about pricing and formulation costs. That's your main hurdle. You'll also need things like a UPC and so forth. I think natural product stores and places like Whole Foods or Sprouts could also stock it. Eventually, you're gonna have to expand into other products.

There might be FDA regulations around advertising around curing or helping a condition. Dandruff is one of them. This can get expensive to clear.

  singhthepro 1

Do you know what the european product is called by any chance so I can take a look?

I was thinking of working with a small manufacturer at first with little clients so I can get more of their focus. Hopefully, I will be able to overcome the hurdle.

I have ideas on other products that could be perfect up sells.

I had not thoroughly looked into FDA regulations, thank you so much for your input! :)

kippypapa 2

I forget the name of the product. I’m sure there are many European ones that are similar to the one I used. It was made from a flower IIRC. There were supposed to be many other benefits to using it other than dandruff.

calemedia 2

That’s a tuff market to break into I would suggest using a company like maxbounty and do affiliate marketing to get the word out.

  singhthepro 1

Yes certainly. There is not too much competition from just a dandruff focused brand which would make it easier. Most brands online offer multiple products for hair and skin and what not.

Thank you!