Educational Startup. Request for Relevant Resources.

by HewloMilkyWay. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    2    5

Our startup is aimed at creating the best Teaching/Interaction model of online education while delivering the Maximised learning Outcomes. We are starting with a Online Coding Course and plan to eventually venture into other subjects. We are still in the stages of Conceptualizing the Model V1.

I request you peeps to send resources that you think would help us in our teaching model conception.

Any sort of resources that link to maximizing Learner Experience or Maximising Learning Outcomes in am Online-Class Environment, would help.


ILoveHK2020 1

There are number of such apps in market. Some of them are free. What is your unique selling point? What do you think makes you different from others?

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AdamKyleWilson 5

If you aren’t already professionals in the field of education or online education you should add someone who is to your team. You’re setting a very lofty goal for yourself here. If you don’t have well educated contributors to your plan you’re not going to get ahead of the competition to be “the best”.

  HewloMilkyWay 1

Thanks for the Advice.