Endicia users, beware: Shipping records produced by DAZzle are not to be trusted!

by madsci. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    3

Endicia's DAZzle postage printing system has been a hot mess for years and I've got no shortage of gripes about it, but this one takes the cake and has some real legal implications. If you're shipping with Endicia, take heed.

A month ago we shipped a package to Germany that's being held because of a supposedly incorrect address. A perfectly routine problem, and the first thing we always do is pull the shipping record (the "Customer Online Label Record" as it's titled on the form itself) to show exactly how it was shipped.

Only I looked more carefully at it than usual and discovered that the information was pulled from at least two other records aside from the one requested. The address and customs description are correct, but the total customs value doesn't add up (one $50 item with a $190 total), and the customer's phone number is wrong.

I did a little digging and discovered that the phone number came from the most recent piece of mail sent, and the customs value came from the most recent international shipment sent. Neither of those pieces of information existed in the system a month ago and could not have been on the real label. I've also verified that the XML log from the time of printing has the correct information.

So if you're relying on Endicia instead of post office shipping records - don't. Take photos or something, but don't expect the shipping record to reflect what was actually printed.

Hopefully this will get a quick fix, and I can't imagine that the USPS would be happy about one of their trusted postage vendors being so lax about records, but given the chaos in the USPS and the world in general right now it's probably a good idea to assume the worst and take steps to make sure you're covered.