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What are some of the best compiled courses/resources online to get complete knowledge on how to start a company or on entrepreneurship development. I have an idea for a product and know how I would want to execute it, but I desperately feel the need to learn the process so that I can implement my decisions and execute them in the most efficient manner without making glaring mistakes. Would love it if someone could share some course Playlist or anything of the sort - a guide to startups.

Thanks a million!

P.S : Does anyone have any kind of checklist or things to do for a startup right from idea to fully fledged business?

Update: Thank you all so much for your responses. YC seems to be the most popular so I'm going to go ahead and try that out. :)


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Heyo! We recently released an all-in-one program providing founders with a step-by-step approach to transform their idea into a fully-fledged product or service. While this is some (shameless) self-promotion, I really think that this might be the all-in-one solution you're looking for.

Check it out, and if it helps let me know! startupblueprint.io

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The following Coursera courses are relevant to your inquiry:

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You mentioned the right set of keywords: "make decisions and execute them". It's what really important to learn at the very beginning, the rest you will get from trial and error/analyzing others' mistakes.

The best author on decision making is Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman and his best book for a newbie is "Thinking: Fast and Slow". It's a kind of book you read at 40 and regret you didn't have it in your 20th.

When talking about execution, I would recommend a management framework called Action Research, here are more details about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/projectmanagement/comments/inviqo/ways_to_improve_critical_thinking_and_problem/g4b1uew/?context=3

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YC startup school is the best startup course out there.

You might want to check out Slidebean YouTube channel for stuff that you should know about starting a company

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You'll find some on feedough.com

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Founders workbench is an awesome free resource, particularly for legal stuff (their document driver for incorporation docs is amazing): https://www.foundersworkbench.com/

The Disciplined Entrepreneur workbook is also pretty good. It's definitely more 'checklist' style. It helps prompt you to think about a lot of the things you need to plan for and consider. Some of it feels unnecessary, but overall it's a good guide:

Feel free to message me directly if you have questions about these resources

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I’d also checkout the community at beondeck.com. Awesome group of folks that are all thinking of the next thing they want to do.

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Glaring mistakes are okay to make, it’s about how you respond to them. I recommend Y-Comb videos on YouTube.

Depending on your product/Service there may be more specific resources that are beneficial.

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Youtube y-comb videos.
Mostly generally agreeable statements (gas), but some nuggets of wisdom.
There's really no need for anything else.

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We're due to launch one fairly soon. What challenges are you seeing specifically?

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I am myself a tech-entrepreneur & can relate to udacity startup course based on startup owner's manual & y - combinator YouTube videos on specific topics where I need guidance. Must watch video pitch deck by them.

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Best collection of resources I’ve seen so far https://www.ycombinator.com/library

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I quit my job early 2017 and documented it on a public accountability site :) https://watchmequit.com/

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You might want to check https://www.scalelib.com/ . I compile all the best relevant startup resources on one place.

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shamless self plug - but we cover the less sexy stuff at https://boringstartupstuff.com

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Y-Combinator has a gigantic library of resources as does The Lean Startup. Those are great starting points. Founders Institute also has lots of free resources.

Broadly speaking, you shouldn't be paying for advice unless it is extremely specific or a well-known book that isn't available in your library.

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This is all you need: https://playbook.samaltman.com/

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this is great thank you

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Y Combinator's startup school is good. You can even get into YC or a small grant from them.

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Hey all. I just finished up the free online YC startup school series. To pay it forward I'm open sourcing my entire set of notes from the YC startup school series!-- https://abhiagarwaldo.com/yc-startup-school-lecture-notes/

You can access my entire Notion workbook, or pdf (coming soon). Startup school was a million times better than paying for an MBA!

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Brother that's an amazing resource and YC is an absolute gem of resources as well. Please don't ever take this down.

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My pleasure! We’re all in this together

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Thank you for sharing! Just FYI your blog mentions the duplicate function but you may have accidentally disabled it when making it available. Still a great resource!

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No prob! It’s been really great to see the response. Forgot to update my website, but I will be creating a email signup button that provides free access to the notebook and pdf— this is in mainly to get some analytics on how many people are actually utilizing the notebook and where I can improve (Otherwise I basically have no idea). Just bear with me for a little bit!

Update: everything is fixed. I also finished the PDFs that you guys can access 💪🏾

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That notion board is a gem!

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Thanks 🙏🏽