Entrepreneurship by Artificial Intelligence

by Alikarkhaneh. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1

In past years there were alot of hype around impact of Ai and ML in the world. Is AI still good for starting business, or it's going to become a "red ocean" in next years?

How to position a new company to avoid red oceans? (In general, where I must don't go.).

It seem that big five tech companies will be real winners. They have best AI talents, best specialized algorithms, biggest platforms,access to bigest customer pool, and biggest data pool,and even enough money to buy best challenger startups. Are this five companies (+ big Chinese tech companies) became winners of this marathon in first mile that AI is still in it's infancy?

based on your experiences, which industries are still a "blue ocean" for entrepreneurship ?

Is finding expert cofonder in AI still hard?