Facebook ad rejection.

by lankanpot. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    2

Hello, We recently tried to place a Facebook ad for the following image and we were told that it violates some of their privacy policy. We tried to fix it again, and the account has been disabled. Can someone briefly explain why this is an issue?


TheDarkCrusader69 1

I can, facebook are extremely lazy when it comes to adds. it seems if you offer a pyramid scheme that is totally acceptable, but every now and then they put a hold on real businesses proper adverts. I sell hot tubs and the amount of times my ads get restricted due to being SPAM, offering finance or breaking covid regulations..... we do offer finance but we never SPAM and we have never broke any regulations. Maybe im just a little salty but its so irritating. they never stop it when its a paid add....

helloween123 1

Likely it’s the word funding, sounds like something got to do with loans