Facebook ads for a Roofing company

by Tionboom. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    15

Facebook Ads

Most roofing companies don’t have the time, nor money to pay an agency to find the sweet sauce.

Running ads in a very hyper target way.

The problem I see a lot is running their ads in a huge broad scope. They may have a 25-50 miles service area. “I’m going to advertise to all of those people.”


  • You’re getting people who don’t speak engine
  • You’re getting people who don’t even have a house
  • You’re getting people who are 19 years old, 77 years old

You’re throwing money down the drain. 95% of those people seeing your ad is not in the market for a new roof right now and You have no brand awareness to almost all of those people.

Creating super hyper targeted ads

Think about a 1 to 2 mile radius, instead of a 20 or 50 mile radius of neighborhoods that you know most these houses are about the same age. Get very detailed (like there was a bad storm the night before).You can run an ad targeting that specific neighborhood. Another example is running an ad after you’ve completed a project in that neighborhood. You already will have brand awareness (from seeing your company trucks, yard signs and you working in the area).

Now they are going to see you for the next month on facebook. They have an easy way to click to your website and see if “hey maybe I should get in touch.” Relevance is the key.

What type of content works for Facebook Ads.

One element is the targeting of the ads. Making sure you are targeting the right people. The more crucial element is your creativity and the relevance.

Most of the time a roofing company will take a pic of the their new roof they have completed, they’re proud of and use that in a facebook ad. The problem is the average homeowner doesn’t care about their neighbor’s roof, nor would the know they need a new roof after a hail storm.

Bring some value to your audience. Take your phone and record a 30 sec selfie video saying, “Hey my name is Tion with ABC roofing, I’m in your neighborhood this week giving free inspections because of the hailstorm that went through your area about a month ago. 7 out of 10 home owners don’t realize that they actually have hail damage until its too late. Click the link and I’ll personally come to your house for a free inspection.” GO THE EXTRA MILE!


lacadasical 1

I know you’re a social media marketer, but roofers in a budget trying to drum up some business should be on Google and not FB.

Google provides a higher ROI and is easier to manage.

  Tionboom 1

For someone that I haven’t met yet, you sure do know a lot about me. This is just an example of using good content and relevance to engage with a future customer. I’m not knocking google or anything, I’m just offering a tip on how to create a more efficient ad

lacadasical 1

I’m just pointing out that roofers with a limited budget should spend it on Google.

Your post history lead me to believe you are a social media marketer. There are tons of reasons to market on social media, but roofers with a budget (who you seem to be targeting with the post) wouldn’t be getting the highest ROI IMO.

  Tionboom 1

Alrighty my guy, People trust organic results a lot more than the ads. The best keywords are always really expensive and don’t always convert. Google is a great platform, but once again, this is just one of many ways to help stand out from others.

This is a just a post that anyone can learn from. I’m not trying to target anyone, if you take some good ideas from it great! I’m actually working on my Blogging skills. I want to be able give good helpful info that can help anyone

tomhalejr 1

Of course, when I have a leaking roof the first thing that that comes to my mind is - "I need to log into FB and look at some pictures of cats!".


Relevance is key

tomhalejr 1

Right. How is FB relevant to emergency services such as roofing, as a direct engagement platform?


It’s about getting the right ad in front of the the right audience. If they are looking for emergency services right now, run a video on what they need to know before they call their insurance. Keep mind I’m not saying FB is the only way to advertise your business as well.

JackowitzOnline 1

I like the last part a lot, but what's the issue with setting a 20mile radius if you hyper-target like you say to 35-55-year-olds, that have 10% top income that is homeowners it's that easy nowadays?

mike_concho 1

Honestly most companies that I see aren't spending the money that they would get even close to covering all these people. You could probably even narrow this down further and get an even more specific ad.

That being said I live in a large city so maybe that's not true of more disperse places.

  Tionboom 1

I totally agree with you, there’s even more ways you can really hit home with future customers. I’m amazed at how specific of a person you can target. 10 years ago that would’ve been on heard of.

  Tionboom 1

There’s nothing wrong with that approach. Using my example about a storm coming through. Let’s say the storm was 5 miles wide, the ad wont be relevant to the other 15 miles of 35-55-year-old, that have 10% top income that is homeowners. If the storm was 20 miles wide than go for it, that could work as well.

At the end of the day it’s about testing and adapting. The sweet spot could be 30-34 or 56-65 year-olds.

ryohazuki222 2

Data > than opinion in digital marketing. Bias to platform because of agency or consultant thing is a really thing that businesses should watch out for.

That said... love this post.

The biggest thing amateur digital marketers and business owners struggle to understand is that you are not competing with other companies in your space.

You are competing with anyone bidding on that targeting criteria.

Hyper targeting removes waste and helps you create more relevant ads.

The way the bidding mechanisms work is tied to relevance.

If I target someone with a leaky roof that’s dripping into their living room with an ad showing someone in their living room with a bucket gathering water from a leaky roof. That ad will be more effective and also cheaper. All things that will help ROI.

BUT as much data as our digital platform overlords have.... they can’t (or won’t?) give us that level of granularity. So there will always be loss in the system.

Why don’t people do it? Strategy is hard and strategy is expensive.

If I don’t invest in strategy, I’d save that time/dollar and could just go broad and let the ML/AI engines try and figure it out. Personally... never liked this approach because I flat out don’t trust the big platforms incentive structure. They are monetizing the inefficiency of their algorithms.

  Tionboom 1

BINGO! You could use one platform, but where is the creativity, relevance, and connection at? It takes time and effort to stand out especially in today’s world. Go the extra mile. You can follow everyone because you’ll always be behind