Facebook is flagging our products (Toys) as weapons when they aren't. No option to appeal on some, appeal denied on others.

by RandomHabit89. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    10    6

For privacy reasons and to avoid coming off as self promoting, I"m not going to be showing the items here or saying the brand etc.

We have our products feed in through Shopify into our Facebook account. Most of them have gone off without a hitch. In the middle of trying to get the Business manager account verified, but facebook is dragging it's feet with approval. I was hoping that doing that would give me some sort of options to contact them, but no dice on that end yet.

The few toys that have been flagged are military style pretend vehicles. It's very clear when looking at the picture that they aren't actually tanks etc. I went through the descriptions on them and removed any words that I thought the facebook bot would be auto flagging, but the review still got denied. And there is no option to appeal advertising for the items either. Most of the links on Facebook's support pages for contacting or appealing go to 404s etc, so I'm not having any luck getting an actual person to look at the review. (Because I"m assuming up to this point, it's been a bot even doing the review).

It was suggested elsewhere that we delete and wait for the relist to go through, but that doesn't solve the advertising issue for the items. However I guess one of my questions is, even if advertising for that listing on the facebook shop is denied, can I still advertise the link to our webstore hosted elsewhere on Facebook? Or will that cause problems since the feed is connected to facebook shop anyways?


budbusines 1

You may have luck if you have the budget of paying a mid-size ad agency specializing in Facebook ads to run the campaign for you under their account. If adspend is high enough agencies do get an account executive who is a real human who MAY be rational. But none of that is guaranteed and you will pay more.

melodyjoycary 2

I wish I had advice other than to point out that this is why building an email list and having your own website are so important today. You own both of those things whereas you don’t own social media platforms and therefore have to play by their rules, no matter how unjust they are...

Adam40Bikes 3

I sell a cup holder for bikes and it keeps getting flagged as a weapon. No advice, just commiserating.

franker 2

So sell a water-gun turret for the cup holder and tell Facebook to go fuck itself.

discooler 4

We are having the same issue. We sell something innocent and it’s being flagged for violence. We have lost our Facebook page multiple times in the past month and can’t run ads anymore without a page linked. It’s a perfectly normal product, but we have seen Facebook page clones multiple times and these copies try to con customers as best we can tell, so our real original page is taken down along with the fakes.

VegasOldPerv 9

Facebook and Instagram are dumb. Something must have happened recently involving them, cuz they just had a survey about "did we hear that FB is doing all they can to keep hate off the platform."

A friend of mine posted on IG about a a guy that tried to slide into her DMs. I replied with "Guys are dumb" and that comment was removed due to "hate speech."

I don't have any advice to give, but just wanted to illustrate the lunacy you're dealing with.