Fake Signups On Our Software, lots of them?!

by ConstructDailyReport. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    0    9

Hello fellow entrepreneurs!

We have noticed a lot of fake accounts being created on our software and mobile app over the past couple of weeks. It became concerning because we have received a couple complaint messages saying that our automated emails are being reported to AWS. We have been getting 10+ fake signups every day but have only received 3 or 4 complaints over the past weeks regarding our emails. Is this something that we should be concerned about? We are deleting the accounts as we see them come in so they are not on our database anymore but it is very confusing and concerning to see all of these fake signups so consistently. Anyone else experienced similar issues or have any suggestions on what we should do in this situation?


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This is two different issues.

  1. Fake signups. These are not fake, they're just people who have no intention of ever paying for your service and want to use a trial version or seeing if they can get something for free.
  2. Complaints for email marketing. You are emailing people without their permission and they are complaining about it. How and why people know to contact AWS about this is something you should be able to answer.

    Are the complaints originating from the fake accounts? Why would the complaints be going to AWS? Are you doing something unethical or illegal in regards to your emails? Are you spamming? Fake accounts are super common on all digital platforms for the reasons I mentioned above.
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We are sending a welcome email to users that sign up, definitely nothing unethical or illegal!!! The sign ups are clearly randomly generated fake names and other info then a potentially real email address. There is never any use of the software after sign up so these are clearly fake and never intend to use the platform.

We need to add a captcha to our sign ups like we have on all other communications because it appears to be a bot doing these sign ups. Just an oversight by us, thank you for the response!

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Which automated emails are you referring to? A welcome to website kind of email or some sort of newsletter you're sending out?

At any rate, what I do is that once a user signs up, I send a welcome email with a link for them to verify their subscription/sign up. Until they do that, nothing is sent to them. Their activity is also limited.

Coupled with this, I've got a cron job running every week removing unverified accounts that have been that way for some time.

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That is a great idea, I may implement something similar where they have to verify the sign up before we send any of the automated welcome emails out. Thank you very much for your response!

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Do you have a captcha on signup?

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Feels like we made a huge oversight with this, all of our support/help emails and requests have a captcha but we do not have one for sign ups. Thanks for the response!!

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Yeah I did the same thing once and my hosting banned my php send mail function because it was sending so many signup emails and I had to add captcha to get it restored. Lesson learned and now I can tell everyone else about my mistakes lol

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We are feeling silly now seeing that we have captcha on all things users can fill out besides the sign up, thank you for the response. Thankfully this will be an easy fix!

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Glad I could help buddy