FB Ads | Do Custom Conversions fire multiple times on the same user?

by spacearoundyou. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    2

//I know this isn't the optimal place for posting, but the FB Ads Reddits are not active anymore, so i can't post there//

Hello dear advertisers,

I have a question regarding Custom Conversions. We have a Custom Conversions for our Videopage. After they Opt-in in our Ad the user won't get directed to a thank-you page, instead directly to the videopage. So we track the Conversion-Event "Lead" when they visit the Videopage.

Now the question: If the user opens the videopage multiple times (in multiple sessions), does the Custom Conversion fire multiple times, so that the stats in the Ads Manager are biased (higher than they actually are).

Thanks for your help!


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It shouldn’t but r/PPC would probably be a better sub to ask

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